Lysins and Phages

Lysins and Phages – Effective Biological Antibacterial Solutions

Bacteriophages are parasitic viruses that kill the bacteria they infect. The bacteriophage initially infects the cell and begins reproducing inside it. Once the new phages are mature, they burst out of the cell, thereby killing it. Phages continue to multiply only so long as the pathogen remains present. Precisio's products consist of a cocktail of phages that provide almost complete coverage against targeted pathogen(s).

Lysins are enzymes that breakdown the cell walls of targeted bacteria. Lysins are produced by newly mature bacteriophages when they are ready to exit the host cell. Therefore, lysins play a critical role in destroying the host cell. Precisio creates some of the world's best recombinant lysins.

Lysins and Phages are superior to conventional antibiotics in the following ways:

1. Much more specific: Kill targeted bacteria only. Do not harm the natural bacterial flora.

2. Cause no bacterial resistance: Bacterial resistance to phage/lysin highly unlikely; for lysins no resistance has been observed.

3. Typically, faster than antibiotics: Lysins are especially fast and can work in only a few minutes.

4. Penetrate biofilm.

5. Symbiotic with most existing treaments.