Precisio Biotix Therapeutics (the "Company" or "Precisio") is US incorporated industry leader in precision antibacterial biological solutions; specifically, the identification and development of lysin and phage products to combat bacterial infections or difficult to treat bacterial issues.

Antibiotics and chemical treatments are increasingly less effective as bacteria continue to develop antimicrobial resistance ("AMR"). The market that Precisio seeks toaddress includes AMR infections (at least US$20B) and other difficult to treat bacterial issues (at least $15B).

Products created with lysins and phages are novel precision solutions to address the declining effectiveness of existing treatments.

LysiThru™,the Company's industry-leading, high-throughput lysin screening system, is capable of rapidly creating new gram-positive and gram-negative lysins for almost every pathogen. Additionally, the Company's technology can address additional markets to target bacterial problems that are not currently treated or are poorly treated.

The Company has a robust pipeline of commercial products with both Rx and consumer commercial opportunities. Key products includes: (1) Multiple gram positive and gram negative systemic lysins, with a focus on skin and lung infections. Shanghai Pharma has already in-licensed ClyO (Staph lysin) for use as a systemic treatment for staph blood infections (China only); (2) Bactelide™, a sustained release biodegradable phage product to prevent and treat topical infections, is ready to start a phase I/II combined clinical trial, to be led by Mayo Clinic; and (3) Several topical lysins with consumer-oriented uses that are receiving commercial interest (medical device, consumer, and/or cosmetic).

The management team is led by Mark Engel, who has built five successful life science companies, and includes leading scientists in the field of lysins and phages.