Large Target Markets

Large Target Markets

AMR is creating a global need for new antibacterials.

In 2014, WHO predicted that by 2050 antibiotic resistance would kill more people than cancer. The WHO GLASS survey (2021), which noted few novel drugs in the pipeline to address the declining effectiveness of antibiotics, effectively confirmed the 2014 prediction.

The US$20+ billion need for novel solutions will only increase as antibiotic resistance increases and few new drugs come to market. Additionally, there are multiple product applications for under-met medical needs – such as eczema, acne, etc. - that expand Precisio's addressable market well-beyond US$20 billion.

In the US, AMR is very costly, projected up to $55 billion per year - $20 billion in healthcare services and $35 billion in lost productivity.

Annual cost of illness for selected conditions in US