Lysin Platform

LysiThru™ – Proprietary Discovery Platform

LysiThru™ is a proprietary discovery platform that allows the high-throughput identification and engineering of gram-positive and gram-negative lysins with commercial potential. High throughput creates a materially competitive advantage. The largest published library of screened lysin clones is about 940 clones. LysiThru™ has screened as many as 800 clones in a single day.

The platform has already been successful producing several lead lysins against difficult-to-target organisms. Several of the lead lysins are now in late stage pre-clinical development. A number of these lead lysins are against ESKAPE pathogens, including MDR gram-negative pathogens. The gram negative lysins created to-date appear effective, even in the presence of human serum, and are manufacturable at a low cost of goods.

This industry-leading high throughput system assures that Precisio will remain at the forefront of the industry.