Phage  Delivery Platform

PEAU Sustained Release Polymer

Delivery System for Sustained Release of Topical Products

Product: A novel delivery system that allows for a topical product to be encapsulated in an amino-acid based biodegradable co-polymer (polyester amide urea).As the polymer gradually biodegrades, microcapsules of the topical product are slowly released.

Benefits: Can promote wound healing and/or improvement of compromised skin, is low cost, sustained release, biodegradable, keeps biological and chemical products stabilized for lengthy periods at room temperature, and is environmentally friendly.

Patents: Currently, the patents around PEAU are for the sustained release of biologics.  However, provisional patents have also been filed for the sustained release of chemical solutions.

Novel Sterilization Method: Precisio can sterilize PEAU containing a biological element such as a phage utilizing a patented superconductive CO2 method. This makes PEAU a feasible solution for the coating implants or bandages with a biological treatment.