Phage Products

Preventing and Treating AMR Resistant Topical Infections Utilizing Novel Sustained Release Phage Spray and Patch Systems

Lead Product - BactelideTM for the Prevention of Topical AMR Infections

Sustained release topical designed to prevent AMR infections, with a first indication of significantly reducing pressure ulcer infections (later, labelling for this product will be expanded to include wound care, burn care, and possibly a role in diabetic ulcer care). 25% of all patients in bed for more than 7 days gets a bed sore. According to TMR analysis, in 2017, the sales volume of pressure ulcer treatment market alone was about US $4.54 billion. Due to the combined impact of aging population and antibiotic resistance, this market is expected to grow to US $7.13 billion by 2026. 

BactelideTM allows for the penetration and prolonged release of the phages deep within the wound bed where the target bacteria are present.