LysiThru™ Public Announcement
2021-10-11 14:22:24

Montreal, Shanghai, Wuhan, October 11, 2021: Phagelux, Inc. is proud to announce the trademark filing of LysiThru, our novel high through put screening system for rapidly developing lysins effective against both gram positive and gram negativebacteria.

According to Bryan Li, EVP, Medical, a lysin isphage en-coded peptidoglycan hydrolase that kills bacteria and it has several advantages as compared to traditional chemical antibiotic: (1) it works much much faster; (2) it can easily penetrate biofilm; (3) it is very targeted against a specific pathogen and does not harm the rest of the biome; and (4) it does not cause bacterial resistance and has synergistic effect with combined use of antibiotic.  The LysiThru system allows Phagelux “to identify novel, effective, and commercially viable lysins faster and better than anyone else.  Phagelux already has several first in class products under development.” 

Dr. Assaf Raz, PhD., VP Research and Development China, provided more details.  “LysiThru is a methodology suite combining bioinformatic analysis, and high throughput construction, engineering, and screening of phage lysins. This platform facilitates the rapid development of superior lysins, with commercial potential, at a fraction of the time and cost as compared to competitors.”

Dr. Mya Thandar, PhD., a lead research scientist at the Phagelux Wuhan facility, and a key architect of the LysiThru system, sums by saying “Antibiotic resistance (AMR) is one of the great medical problems of our times.  I believe that the LysiThru system will all us to create targeted biological products that can compliment, or replace, existing therapeutics in order to address this global health threat.  We believe that within the next few years we can have a product in development for almost every problematic pathogen.”  Dr. Thander added that addressing AMR infections in novel ways is very important since “the risk of AMR infections could potentially grow rapidly.”  At present, according the UN Interagency Coordinating Group on Antibiotic Resistance,  about 700 thousands people per annum die from antibiotic resistant infections. But, this number could grow globally to 10 million per annum under some scenarios. 

Finally, Phagelux Chairman Mark Engel notes “Most companies do not do a press release for a trademark announcement. We do so to announce that we believe with additional capital we are able to rapidly create commercially viable lysins against most of the antibiotic resistant bacteria.”

About Phagelux: Phagelux is a clinical stage company creating biological antibacterials.  The company is developing novel skin products and also novel in vivo products, the later of which will be co-developed with partners. The company has labs and scale up GMP facilities in Montreal and Wuhan.