PrecisioBiotix is creating precision biologial antibacterials with an emphasis on topical diseases. Subsidiary companies are: (1) Lysigen, which develops first or best-in-class lysins; and (2) Phagelux, which develops sustained release topical solutions.

  • Lysigen

    Treating multiple bacterial conditions utilizing first or best-in-class lysins. Lead products are for the treatment of eczema and acne. See further




    Preventing and treating AMR resistant topical infections utilizing novel sustained release phage spray and patch systems.

    Lead product is for the prevention of AMR infections. See further


  • Antibiotic Resistance - The Need for New Treatments

    According to WHO, if we do not take significant action, we will enter a post-antibiotic era in which a common infection and minor injury can be life-threatening. It is estimated that by 2050 more people will die from infection than from cancer.





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